img 1 Public Relations (PR)

PR (Public Relations) is a strategic activity aimed at establishing and maintaining a positive reputation of a brand, company or person in the eyes of the target audience. PR includes development and implementation of communication strategies, public relations, crisis management, creation of press releases and media kits, organization of events and public relations management.

img 2 Advertisement

Advertising is a powerful tool for attracting attention to a brand or product. We develop and implement creative and effective advertising campaigns using various channels and platforms such as television, radio, print and online advertising. Our team of professional marketers and designers will help you create advertising content that effectively reaches your target audience and drives sales of your brand.

img 3 Social media and content marketing

We develop content marketing strategies that allow your brand to stay active on social media and engage with your audience. We create unique and compelling content that will engage your audience and boost your reputation. We also run social media advertising campaigns to attract new customers.

img 4 Contextual and targeted advertising

We develop and launch online advertising campaigns using contextual advertising (e.g., on search engines) and targeted advertising (on social media and other platforms) to engage your target audience and increase conversion rates.

img 5 Copywriting

We offer professional copywriting services, including writing unique and sales texts for websites, advertisements, press releases and social media content. Our copywriters are able to briefly and informatively describe your products or services, attracting the attention of your target audience.

img 6 3D design

Our team of 3D design experts will create visually appealing and realistic models, renders and animations to help you present your products or projects in the best possible light.

img 7 Branding

We help companies build a strong and recognizable brand, develop a personal identity and rebrand if necessary. We create logos, corporate identities, packaging and other branding elements that will help strengthen your brand recognition and create a positive impression with your audience.

img 8 Motion design

Our team of motion designers will create eye-catching and dynamic visuals and animations for your video content, advertisement or website. We use advanced technologies and tools to make your content more interesting and memorable.

img 9 UX/UI design

We offer user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design services that provide a user-friendly experience for your web platform or mobile app. We pay attention to details and provide solutions that will improve user interaction with your product or service.

img 10 SEO promotion

Our team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts helps your website achieve a high position in search engine results. We audit your website, conduct keyword research, optimize content and site structure to attract organic traffic and increase your online visibility.

img 11 Professional recording studio

In our studio, we help create quality audio content for your commercials, music projects, video voiceovers and audiobooks.

img 12 Organization and holding of events, concerts, festivals

Our team offers a full range of services for events of all sizes, from corporate parties to music concerts and large-scale festivals. We take care of every detail, from venue selection to the logistics, marketing and execution of the event itself, to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

img 13 Trainings and conferences

We help to organize and conduct trainings, seminars and conferences on various topics. We provide the best program, including selection of highly qualified speakers and organization of the event, so that training and knowledge sharing are efficient and productive.