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We are a team of communication agency OranJazz! Our team offers you a full range of services to promote your brand. We will help you create a unique image and impress your target audience. If you want to increase the popularity of your products or services, attract more customers and become a market leader, then we are ready to help you. Working with us, you can count on a comprehensive approach to promotion. We will develop an effective strategy, taking into account your goals and budget. We offer not only advertising in the media, but also holding events, creating content in social networks, organizing PR campaigns and much more. If you want to become successful in the market and declare yourself, contact us. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals and make your brand recognizable and beloved.
Our main goal is to create a strong image of your brand and expand its audience. We strive to convey your uniqueness and values to the general public so that your brand will be noticed and remembered.


1 PR
2 Advertisement
3 Social networks and content marketing
4 Contextual and targeted advertising
5 Copywriting
6 3D projects
7 Branding
8 Motion design
9 UX/UI design
10 Seo promotion
11 Professional recording studio
12 Organization and holding of events, concerts, festivals
13 Trainings and conferences


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Oksana Teleguz Creative director 865-62-14-44
Svetlana Pavlianchina Executive Director 613-25-40-29
George Zamza Manager for Spanish-speaking customers 865-62-14-44
Natalia Berchuk Video engineer, broadcast director 865-62-14-44
Alexander Berchuk Producer 865-62-14-44
Alexander Bukalo Videographer, editor, technician, on-air director 865-62-14-44
Serjio Matusov Music producer 865-62-14-44
Natalia Fedorenko Event manager 692-36-28-97
Marina Larionova Volunteer leader 865-62-14-44
Daria Ropij Event manager 632-85-42-54


We use a professional approach to online advertising and advanced tools to promote the company's websites.
GroupExperience is a project dedicated to immigration, training and adaptation in Spain!
Livespain club is a unique space for everyone who is planning to come or has already moved to Spain.
Cafeteria and handmade pastry shop in Alicante.
Organization of performances.
VB Spaces offers the most modern and technologically advanced spaces on the Costa Blanca, designed to host a variety of events.


What our customers say about us

GROUP experience Alexey Kashparov
We value the OranJazz PR agency primarily for its level of professionalism that meets the requirements and expectations. Secondly, this is a high responsibility - specialists fulfill their obligations and competently solve the tasks assigned to them. The third reason is employee experience. Thus, employees’ understanding of the activities of the RGR and their involvement in the internal processes of the professional association allow them not only to solve current problems, but also to plan for the future.
VB Spaces Igor Alekhno
We have been cooperating with the OranJazz agency for 2 years, because stability and efficiency in our time are the basis of a successful partnership. We are always ready to help in implementing the idea, writing material “yesterday and on the plane”, while the texts are always professional, the interviews are non-standard and informative, and video filming and editing are above all praise! They allow them not only to solve current problems, but also to plan for the future perspective.
Livespain Anna Afanasenko
Agency specialists are actively immersed in the specifics of the company’s activities and therefore can create high-quality and interesting content. They carry out assigned tasks, offer current solutions and new ideas. Prompt communication, quick response, productive dialogue, clear planning and achievement of goals - such work gives high-quality results for the client.

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