Sound recording

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Recording and editing of songs, commercials

Creating video clips, selecting locations, working with sound and color correction

Recording of songs and commercials includes:
  1. Working with sound and color correction
  2. Adding special effects and animations
  3. Selection of locations and scenery
  4. Video processing and editing
  5. Rendering and exporting the finished product
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Video broadcasts and recordings of webinars and podcasts

Rendering and exporting finished video, working with light and sound, etc.

Recordings of webinars and podcasts include:
  1. High-quality photography
  2. Working with light and sound
  3. Rendering and exporting finished video
  4. Overlaying visual effects
  5. Competent selection of frame composition
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Creating music, arrangements, etc.

Recording and mixing music, creating lyrics, mastering tracks, etc.

Creating music, arrangements include:
  1. Recording and mixing music
  2. Track mixing and mastering
  3. Creating original pieces of music
  4. Writing lyrics
  5. Improvising and creating new melodies
Merchandise Items

Promotion of music tracks

Promotion of music tracks includes:
  1. Placement and distribution of advertising on the Internet
  2. Promotion of the track
  3. Newsletters
  4. Placement of a music track on radio stations
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Training in sound engineering, music recording, etc.

Promotion of the track, placement and distribution of advertising on the Internet

Music recording training includes:
  1. Media plan development
  2. Preparation of advertising content
  3. Negotiating and concluding contracts with radio and telecommunication service providers
  4. Tracking and analyzing results
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Individual vocal, guitar, saxophone lessons

Individualized approach, vocal recording, mastering stage craftsmanship, etc.

Individualized vocal and instrument lessons include:
  1. Vocal lessons
  2. Guitar lessons
  3. Saxophone lessons
  4. Development of musical hearing, sense of rhythm
  5. Formation and development of musical memory
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